Scott Brindle is a documentary photographer and videographer originally from London, U.K. and is currently based in Iraq (Kurdistan Region). Largely influenced by traveling at a young age and seeing and meeting people with unique stories and lives, Scott sees the world in a different way, he is focused on capturing current affairs around the world and has dedicated his professional time working with NGOs around the globe. Scott is dedicated to living amongst the local community and often stays in locations for long periods of time, allowing him to capture natural and emotional content with a fly on the wall approach. Scott looks to tell real stories in a unique way, portraying the facts and emotion within the medium of photo and video documentation, while following ethics and the Dochas Code of Conduct. Whether his subject is famine, genocide, war, or daily life, Scott’s work sheds light on international humanitarian crises as he aims to highlight real-life situations and conditions through photo and video.Scott has worked with a wide range of non-governmental organisations gaining understanding and knowledge of communities, religions, and politics spanning the globe. 

Scott has worked with a wide range of non-governmental organisations spanning the globe. Past clients include:

Sub-Saharan Africa Region:

  • Guba [Swaziland]
  • Swaziland Animal Welfare Society (S.A.W.S) [Swaziland]
  • Moya Center [Swaziland]
  • All Out Africa Foundation [Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland]
  • All Out Africa Tours [Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland]
  • Kitendo Children's Charity (KCC) [Kenya]

Middle East and North Africa Region:

  • Partners Relief and Development [Iraq, Syria]
  • Project Hope [West Bank, Palestine]

Asia Region:

  • Partners Relief and Development [Thailand, Myanmar (Burma)]
  • Converse China* [China] 


  • Burberry London HQ [United Kingdom]
  • Fruit Cult [United Kingdom]

Scott is currently based in Naivasha, Kenya.

Scott Brindle's CV

*Scott's work was exhibited as part of a collaborative project in Shanghai, China.

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